क्या है सच्चाई? क्या शिवजी को भांग पीते हुए चित्रित करना सही है?


Weed is ungodly.
Considering this point of view, ISKCON volunteer S. D. Adhikari gives a beautiful explanation
“Just as the sun is so powerful it can extract water from urine without being polluted, Lord Shiva is so powerful that he can swallow an ocean of poison without being harmed. Similarly, he can smoke marijuana without losing his stature”

Further he adds
“To know why he smokes it is not very important. The important thing to know is that he can smoke it, while we cannot.”
However he provides no information for “Why Shiva smokes weed?”

Weed is godly.
Weed is illegal, how can it be godly?
Here is the answer. According to The Vedas, Marijuana having numerous medical benefits was one of five sacred plants. Given that studies across the world show that moderate consumption of marijuana is far less harmful than tobacco or alcohol, it makes little sense to uphold the ban on its recreational use. Unfortunately due to western pressure/influence in India Marijuana is banned.