First Vegan Butcher Shop Opens In The United States

The Herbivorous Butcher opened its doors last week in Minneapolis and it was a huge success. This first-of-its kind vegan butcher shop in the United States was made possible by a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter spearheaded by brother and sister Aubry and Kale Walch. The doors opened last Saturday to a receptive crowd that was more than a little excited to try all of the cruelty-free products the shop has to offer.

If you are sitting there wondering how something so seemingly oxymoronic could even be possible, you are probably not alone, but rest assured, you can expect to find vegan versions of many popular deli meats, sausages, ribs – even porterhouse steak and a variety of house-made cheeses. Because contrary to popular belief, you can be vegan and still enjoy all of your favourite things without contributing to the suffering of animals.