How Listening To Plants ‘Sing’ Can Dramatically Boost Our Health

Plants inhabit the harmonic world of frequency with human. Research into the sounds plants make is opening roads of deep contact with this “dimension” of plants and how listing to these songs affect us deeply. 

“We know that plants and trees have always been able to communicate on subtle levels by sending out pheromones, inaudible sounds, scent to signal dangers. Through scientific and empirical research, Plant Perception aims to reach a new level of understanding, changing the model from human perspective to the plant world point of view.” – music of the plants

Science shows us that being near trees and plants significantly improves our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Of course, the healing power of plants has long been understood by indigenous cultures who communed with nature and harnessed the power of plants in Flower Essences, oils, or herbs as well as going on nature journeys to heal their body, mind and spirit. Now the possibilities for plant healing have been taken a quantum step further with the arrival of the Music of the Plants. – source

“One of the most joyous parts of working with Music of the Plants is the moment when a person realizes that the plant world is not just alive, it is aware. This changes everything.”  Tigrilla Gardenia, Plant Researcher

Reconnecting the human and plant worlds

There is great importance to communing with the physical and subtle forces of nature represented by plants and nature. Trees are large, living antennas of our planet.

Contact with plant intelligence provides deeper insight into ourselves and the world around us. Studies show that plants in homes and workplaces help to reduce stress, increase productivity, enhance employee attitudes, lower operating costs and improve air quality. A personal connection to nature inspires us to create a world where the environment doesn’t need protecting because it is an integral part of who and what we are. – source

It has been said by spiritual teachers that on the Summer Solstice, the trees launch a signal into the cosmos about the health of our planet, and at the Winter Solstice, they receive a return signal.

For many years, their message has been a cry of despair because humans are destroying nature.

When the public encounters the music of a plant, they connect to nature in a way never before imagined. The realization that plants and trees can actually interact through music is both moving and sparks a new level of discussion about the consciousness of nature. – source


Magical coexistence among plants, animals, nature

Music of the Plants explores and illustrates the fundamental tenet that all life is connected. By providing a practical experience of plant intelligence, students from young to old can perceive the intricate relationships between humans and nature, ushering in a new era of respect for our environment.  You will never forget the moment when you finally are able to hear the invisible sounds of nature. – source