Rail Budget 2016: Here’s how Suresh Prabhu and Modi won the heart of common man in India


Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu today presented the Rail Budget 2016-17 in Lok Sabha and PM Narendra Modi lauded him, saying that the budget is a big step in India’s development. From introducing new trains to implementing some new programmes, the ministry plans for transforming the railways.

But first things first, what is the first thing that a common man would want from a Railway Budget. Same fares? And guess what, there is no hike in the passenger fares. And now, let’s talk about the new trains to be introduced.

mahamana-express-2 रेल बजट

New Trains

1. Uday Express – Overnight double-decker train that will run on busy routes, with     40% more passenger capacity.
2. Tejas – It will have the operating speeds of 130 kmph.
3. Humsafar Express – Fully AC train with an optional service of meals
4. Antyodaya Express – Superfast train for those travelling on long routes, and           that too fully unreserved.

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