This Hateful Video is the living proof of why Dr.Zakir Naik is now being Investigated by Government

Dr. Zakir Naik is a prominet Hardline muslim preacher who is known for his excellent memory of reciting almost every single word of Quran, Vedas, Bible and all major religious scriptures, however, only to misinterpret them and convert the religions of people.

Another thing this ugly looking man is known for, is to give hate speeches and create poison in the minds of people about different religions.

Wait, another thing this ugly looking man is known for is to recently allegedly having inspired the terrorists who slit the throats of 19 year old Tarishi Jain and many others in an elite cafe of Dhaka, Bangladesh just about a week ago.

Now, the Modi Government is taking this matter very seriously and investigating the hate speeches of Jakir naik..

Here is a Hate speech of zakir naik in which he is clearly commanding that ‘Every Muslim should become a Terrorist’

Click Next to see the Hate speech Video of Zakir naik which is now being investigated by Police