Very Shameful: Is this how they behave with Female journalists in Pakistan??

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This is How they treat the female journalists in Pakistan.  on one hand Pakistan’s so called Pak Saaf culture clamis to respect women, they shoot some malala for a crime called studying and force women to stay under veil and all that blah blah blah…

 However, this is what happens in Pakistan with women who try to break the chains of society and make a career in a resepectable profession like Journalism

Women in Pakistan face all kinds of gross violence and abuse at the hands of the male perpetuators’ family members and state agents. Multiple form of violence includes rape; domestic abuse as spousal murder, mutilation, burning and disfiguring faces by acid, beatings and custodial abuse and torture. Women in Pakistan live in fear. They face death by shooting, burning or killing with axes if they are deemed to have brought shame on the family. 

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